FireEye cybersecurity predictions for 2018


FireEye has created a whitepaper which talks about cybersecurity predictions for this year, which aims to offer unique insight to what can be expected from attackers, victims of attacks, security vendors, as well as countries during this year and in future.

The whitepaper includes several predictions from some of the key people at FireEye, including Kevin Mandia, CEO, Martin Holste, CTO for Cloud, Steve Booth, CSO, as well as security predictions for key regions, like EMEA and Asia  Pacific region.

The whitepaper mostly agrees with all other predictions, suggesting that we will see a rise in cloud-based attacks as well as a general increase in security for those infrastructures.

There is also a great increase in Internet of Things attacks by exploiting vulnerabilities, which was a key trend in the last year and it does not seem to be slowing down, especially considering the increase in IoT usage and number of connected devices.

As far as companies go, the whitepaper suggests that we can expect a much more organized and serious approach to security, especially with the recently General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) which came into effect. There is also a big problem with a shortage of skilled workers.

The whitepaper, titled “Looking Ahead: Cyber Security in 2018”, also covers other segments as well as specific regions, all of which you can read in the full report. You can download the whitepaper directly from FireEye (possible registration required).

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