Cybersecurity in Healthcare Industries


GRA Quantum has released a new video highlighting the benefits of cyber risk insurance for organizations in the healthcare industry.

The video in question is an animation which shares some facts about cybersecurity in the healthcare industry, outlining some facts like that one third of facilities have experienced malware on a medical device, more than half of US hospitals had ransomware attack in 2015, and the fact that the New York Presbyterian Hospital paid a record US $4.8 million fine for HIPAA violations. Security Awareness training helps educate employees about corporate policies and procedures for working with information technology.

The GRA Quantum is a full-service company offering cybersecurity services and has a rather wide portfolio of clients.

We already wrote a couple of times that patient data makes healthcare industry a lucrative target and with the rise in both number and severity of cyber attacks, it is just a matter of time before it becomes a more serious problem.

Cybersecurity market has never been bigger, and it does not come as a surprise that cybersecurity companies are both improving their cybersecurity offerings by focusing on artificial intelligence and machine learning as well as moving to other industries.