Refining network design for massive IoT deployments


Infovista has released a new video interview with Ericsson’s Stevan Filipovic, where he talks about insights and key lessons from IoT deployments.

Stevan Filipovic, head of technology leadership at Ericsson, gave an exclusive interview for InfoVista, in which he talked about massive IoT deployment as well as discussing the future second phase with 5G, which comes after 2020, and which will bring more of the critical type of machine communication.

Stevan also discuss both 3GPP IoT usage but also talks about operators which will offer both solutions, depending on the use case.

The video does include some interesting key points in IoT deployment and IoT planning, including balancing the coverage and capacity, battery life, as well as the impact of the IoT on the mobile broadband.

Since it is done in cooperation with Infovista, the video also discusses some of the InfoVista’s technologies used for fast and accurate modeling.

You can check out more details in the video above.


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