VMworld 2018 was all about hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI)


The biggest topic at the VMworld, held in Las Vegas from August 26th to August 30th, was the Hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI), with VMware, Cisco, HPE, Veeam, and Pivot3, all announcing something about this topic.

According to a report from SDXCentral.com, the HCI is still going strong and it was one of the leading topics at the VMworld 2018.

The event kicked off with VMware’s announcement at the special keynote, saying that more than 15,000 customers are using its HCI stack, with half of all global 2,000 companies use VMware’s HCI, including T-Mobile, Honeywell, Samsung, Symantec, and Telefonica. This does not come as a surprise considering earlier IDC report stating that VMware’s HCI stack is the top-selling hyperconverged software.

VMware also announced a new release of vSAN, a software-defined storage which is a base of its HCI, allowing admins to use HCI clusters much faster.

“We’re taking HCI into the cloud and to the edge,” said Yanbing Li, SVP and GM for storage and availability at VMware, during the HCI keynote. The same software runs on two public clouds, Amazon Web Services (AWS) and the IBM Cloud. VMware’s CEO, Pat Gelsinger, also announced a tech preview of the Project Dimensions, a hyperconverged infrastructure appliance for edge locations.

Other companies aiming for that number-one position in the HCI market

Showing that HCI is a hot market, other vendors, like Nutanix, Cisco, Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE), and Pivot3, are focused on HCI market, bringing similar hyperconverged products to the market.

While VMware and Dell EMC currently hold the first position in the HCI market, Cisco is hot on its tails, and the company has announced the expansion of a partnership with Veeam on the HyperFlex, Cisco’s own HCI offering. Cisco and HPE currently share the third place in the HCI vendor list.

“We’re the first and only data protection provider Cisco is working with,” said Ken Ringdah, VP for global alliance architecture at Veeam. “We’re taking the Veeam software, putting it on HyperFlex, and bringing it to market in a single Cisco SKU. It gives us much broader appeal because from a customer perspective, they can get their primary and secondary storage from Cisco and Veeam.”

In addition to Cisco and Veeam, which have also announced their second stage of the partnership, Pivot3, Nutanix and HPE, all had something to say about HCI at the VMworld 2018 event in the US. Pivot3 launched a ruggedized hybrid cloud device, targeting extreme operations at “the tactical edge”. The company is also teaming up with Lenovo to develop edge products designed for smart city security.

Nutanix announced that its hypervisor and HCI platform has met SAP criteria for running production SAP HAND deployments, which will allow businesses to run SAP’s in-memory relational database platform on Nutanix’s stack.

HPE’s CEO, Antonio Neri, announced that HPE’s CI business segment grew over 130 percent year over year and reached an annual run rate of more than $1 billion during fiscal 2018 third quarter.

The HCI market is obviously heating up and with a lot of companies gunning to get a bigger piece of the market share, it is obvious that the market has a bright future.