AT&T reveals 5G vendors for its big push


AT&T already revealed some of its plans for 2019 5G push, including the markets where it plans to start deploying its 5G network, but now the company also revealed details about the 5G vendors that will be driving that push, as well as some other markets that can expect 5G network in to come this year.

Earlier this year, AT&T revealed some of the markets where it plans to deploy its 5G network but it was rather silent about vendors that it plans to use for each part of the 5G network. Today, the company revealed that Ericsson, Nokia, and Samsung will be driving its push, as well as that it has already started to deploy some 5G equipment in some of the early launch markets.

While both Ericsson, which is already a major vendor for Verizon’s 5G network, and Nokia, which is behind T-Mobile’s 5G push, are not such a big surprise, Samsung is, as the company has been trying hard to get some 5G deals in the US.

In case you missed it earlier, AT&T already said that Atlanta, Charlotte, and Raleigh in North Carolina, Dallas and Waco in Texas, Indianapolis, and Oklahoma City, will be some of the first regions to get 5G, and these will be joined by Houston, Jacksonville in Florida, Louisville in Kentucky, New Orleans, and San Antonio in Texas.

Other regions like Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Nashville in Tennessee, Orlando in Florida, San Diego, and San Francisco and San Jose in California, are on the list for early 2019 5G deployment.

The 5G deployment is on top of the list for all major companies, and it is the biggest topic around, so it does not come as a surprise that AT&T picked some big names for it.


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