Equinix sees NFV, IoT, and 5G as good future opportunities


Equinox has promoted Charles Meyers, previously President of Strategy, Services and Innovation, to the position of Chief Executive Officer (CEO), and it appears that the company might move to NFV, IoT, and 5G services in near future.

According to an article over at SDXCentral.com, Mayers, now CEO of Equinix, was previously tasks with developing Equinix’s hyperscale infrastructure team, or HIT, and some of the first data centers for hyperscale cloud providers should open in the Q1 2019. In future, Mayers sees new opportunities for the company in NFV, IoT, and 5G services.

When it comes to NFV, the company plans to partner up with some other company, where Equinix will provide the platform and offer virtual network functions (VNFs) from another company.

“We believe there are additional opportunities for us in areas that we haven’t talked publicly about, things like NFV, which represents a potential service opportunity for a company like Equinix,” Mayers said.

In addition to NFV, the company also sees a lot of opportunity in artificial intelligence and IoT, which does not come as a surprise considering these are some of the hottest topics today.

Equinix currently offers an on-demand platform, the Cloud Exchange Fabric, which uses SDN to connect data center customers to any other customer via Equinix facility, as well as offers direct, private connections to more than 2,500 cloud service providers, including infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS), platform-as-a-service (PaaS), and software-as-a-service (SaaS) companies, by using its 200 data centers worldwide.

“We’re seeing a lot of companies saying, ‘I’ve got a lot of data I’m bringing from IoT devices of various sorts,’ and they want to act on that data to gain insights or directly monetize insights using AI-type services available from the cloud,” Meyers said. “They think of Equinix as a convenient hub because we have the network capabilities that allow them to ingest data, and the cloud proximity to access cloud-based, AI-type services cost-effectively and efficiently.”

As far as 5G goes, Equinix is looking to optimize 5G network deployments, which include using its own facilities to reduce the cost of deploying 5G, with both RAN and core networks.

“The world is taking a big gulp and going wow, that’s trillions of dollars of network equipment needed to effectively deploy 5G,” Meyers said. “We’ve had a number of governmental entities reach out and say, ‘is there a way we can think about using your platform and a different approach to network aggregation for 5G to reduce the cost of network deployment?’”

You can check out more details over at SDXCentral.com.


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