Talari pushes SD-WAN to the Multicloud


Talari Networks has unveiled their solutions to push SD-WAN to the Multicloud, expanding their offer with the Talari Cloud Connect platform and the Nuage Virtualized Network Services (VNS) platform.

The push to bring SD-WAN to the multicloud does not come as a surprise considering that SD-WAN is one of the fastest growing segments in software-defined networking (SDN), with IDC recent report suggesting that the SD-WAN infrastructure will hit a 40.4 percent growth a year by 2022, and reach $4.5 billion.

Talari’s Cloud Connect promises a reliable, secure, and cost-effective solution for businesses which will allow them to deliver the cloud-based applications and services to their customers.

In its blog post, Andy Gottlieb, Talari’s co-founder and chief marketing officer, states that while most SD-WAN offerings provide value with access to cloud services and Software-as-a-Service, these face certain challenges with real-time enterprise business requirements. The cloud Connect, on the other hand, offers simple, failsafe cloud/SaaS access while delivering reliable, high Quality of Experience (QoE), without all the set-up hassle of deploying and managing cloud-based infrastructure.

“As enterprises embrace public cloud computing, SaaS [software-as-a-service], hybrid IT and multi-cloud postures in pursuit of their digital-transformation objectives, they are compelled to overhaul their WAN architectures and management models,” said Andy Gottlieb in a post. “While most SD-WAN offerings provide some value in providing access to cloud services and SaaS, almost all prior approaches face significant challenges in meeting real-time enterprise business requirements.”

Talari Cloud Connect platform will work with Cloud Connect POP, which offers multi-tenant Service Provider software that aggregates Cloud Conduit connections, as well as Cloud Conduits, the failsafe multi-link, multi-path connection between the customer location and the Cloud Connect POP, delivering reliability, visibility, and high QoS.

According to Talari, there are multiple use cases for the Cloud Connect, including:

  • Connecting directly to the POPs/data centers of SaaS providers that deploy Cloud Connect POPs – our multiple UCaaS partnerships, including RingCentral, Pure IP and Evolve IP, are prime examples here
  • Providing reliable, multi-link connectivity to cloud-based services, such as cloud-based network security services – our Meta Networks partnership is doing just this
  • Providing failsafe access to cloud gateways, or cloud private networks offering cost-effective, reliable predictable access to all sites on the Internet – our partnership with Mode is doing just this

You can check out more about Talari’s Cloud Connect over at their website or check out the short video below.

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