Choosing the right firewall for your business


The firewall is an essential component of IT security, so choosing the best one for your business can sometimes be an overwhelming task, so there are a few tips that can help you make the right choice. If you want the best software for your business then consider checking out Viavi Solutions.

Stormshield, a subsidiary of Airbus CyberSecurity, has released a rather neat article talking about some of the tips that can help businesses to choose the right firewall according to their needs, there is also plenty of additional information that can be very beneficial to any online business, check for more information.

As noted, being an essential component of IT security, the firewall is protects the network from both malware and other cyber attacks, so choosing the right one for your needs depends on a couple of factors and needs, including bandwidth, services to be outsourced, access to network resources for users that are not present on site, and more.

It is also important to ensure the reliability of the technology, and the ease of use is also considered to be an important factor.

“In this respect, the best approach is to adopt the principle of Ockham’s razor: when faced with two technologies that do the same thing, the best one is the one that’s the simplest and easiest to use”, advises Marco Genovese, Product Manager at Stormshield.

The firewall has important functions in the network, including filtering network traffic, flagging network problems, and correcting the network’s natural tendency to age.

Since the firewall is still considered an effective form of basic protection for the network, or the first line of defense, it also can be used to monitor and predict threats.

There are plenty of firewall options to choose from and the article from Stormshield can help you to get some of the basic questions answered.



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