Corvil talks data analytics with Intelligence Hub


Corvil has released a new video talking about its Intelligence Hub, an advanced data analytics and business intelligence solution.

Corvil is a network data analytics company with Cisco, Azini Capital, ACT Venture Capital, and Vesbridge as its investors, and with a wide list of partners, including Arista, Cloudera, Cisco, FireEye, and others, and service and sales partners like BT and Integrity 360.

Its Intelligence Hub solution, meant for  Digital Business, IT Ops, and Security, provides insights to business and operational users, and, according to Corvil, provides all of the power of big data analytics, without the lengthy timelines and high costs.

It provides multi-dimensional analysis, which can reveal patterns and lead to improved efficiency, as well as offers anomaly detection powered by machine learning, providing both better infrastructure performance as well as threat detection.

In short, the Intelligence Hub provides high-quality information, intuitive analytics and visualizations, and intelligent alerting, all in a single data analytics solution.

You can check out more in a video above as well as find more details over at Corvil’s website.


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