Symantec expands its cloud security with workload assurance


Symantec has announced a couple of new and improved products and services in its cloud security portfolio, including Cloud Workload Assurance (CWA), Managed Cloud Defense service, as well as enhancements for its Cloud Workload Protection (CWP) and new customization and APIs for CloudSOC CASB. If you are looking for a system that will give you total cyber security then try out Fleetsmith for some great protection.

As most enterprises are moving everything to the cloud, which brings several advantages in scale, performance, and most importantly, cost, it also comes with a big risk in security, including data loss, breaches, and compliance violations. In order to address those security concerns, Symantec has rolled out a new set of cloud security services as well as improve some of the current offerings, bringing the new Integrated Cyber Defense Platform, a set of integrated security solutions which cover “a robust set of IaaS, PaaS and SaaS technologies”. If you need a new security system then check out this new cyber intelligence training.

When it comes to new cloud security services, Symantec has introduced the new Cloud Workload Assurance, a product that should help in securing configurations in the cloud. It also announced Data Loss Prevention (DLP) capabilities for Cloud Workload Protection (CWP), as well as new customizations and API support for its CloudSOC CASB.

All of these updates will now allow IT departments to protect all aspects of cloud workloads and custom applications, manage compliance and security policies as well as use advance data and threat protection for AWS and Microsoft Azure, and use constant monitoring and scanning for deeper security insights. We go a bit more in-depth breaking down the features at

New features that are introduced include:

  • API integrations for popular apps including Workday and Workplace by Facebook
  • Custom Gatelet to secure any homegrown or public cloud apps
  • Mobile app risk ratings and usage monitoring
  • Fast API interface for Microsoft Office 365 and Box for improved security and performance
  • Symantec Endpoint Protection Mobile integration for simplified CASB provisioning on mobile devices

In addition to these cloud security services, Symantec also unveiled the Managed Cloud Defence, with a broad set of Cyber Defence products that provide 24×7 monitoring, advanced analytics, response capabilities, and cloud SOC analysts.

The new features for the Managed Cloud Defense service include:

  • Monitoring of cloud platforms via native integrations with AWS and Azure for increased cloud visibility
  • Cloud user and application monitoring of threats and shadow IT
  • S3 permission monitoring for protecting storage of critical cloud-based data
  • Remote incident investigation, containment and threat hunting for rapid response

“Our cloud security suite was designed with innovative new features and comprehensive integrations to help meet the security and compliance needs of any organization. By delivering these technologies with a cloud-first mindset and integrating security across infrastructure, workloads and applications, we are able to provide the most expansive protection in the industry. And, through innovations across the Integrated Cyber Defense platform, we are able to secure key control points – cloud, endpoint, network and email,” said Bradon Rogers, senior vice president for enterprise product strategy at Symantec.

You can check out more about Symantec’s cloud application security over at their website.


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