Red Hat integrates CoreOS tech in OpenShift Container Platform 3.11


Red Hat has announced the general availability of its OpenShift Container Platform 3.11, giving it new capabilities for managing cloud-native Kubernetes container orchestrations, mostly thanks to the acquisition of CoreOS back in January.

Being the first of two planned updates that will integrate some of the features from the CoreOS acquisition, the 3.11 update brings integration of the administration console, allowing administrators to view cluster node management, gives administrators role-based access controls (RBACs) as well as provide control of underlying cloud infrastructure objects.

“When CoreOS joined Red Hat earlier this year, we knew our combined team could draw on greater expertise and leadership to further refine and expand our enterprise Kubernetes platform. OpenShift Container Platform 3.11 is designed to deliver on our converged roadmap plans with several newly-incorporated features,” said Kathryn Hsu, OpenShift senior product marketing manager.

In addition, the OpenShift Container Platform 3.11 will also bring Kubernetes-native metrics, thanks to the second component provided by Prometheus and delivered by Grafana, both open-source projects that are tied into the Kubernetes project.

The third integrated component is the integration of the Operator Framework, a controller that runs Kubernetes for a specific application by using the Kubernetes API to create and manage instances.

Bear in mind that the OpenShift Container Platform 3.11 is based on Kubernetes 1.11 version and not the 1.12 released earlier last month, which means that the big update, which should be based on the new Kubernetes release and bring even more integration from CoreOS should be coming soon.

According to Joe Fernandes, vice president of products for Red Hat’s cloud platform, the 4.0 update should bring integration of the CoreOS container Linux operating system as well as support for Istio and Knative platforms.

Integration of CoreOS features into its OpenShift platform will give Red Hat an edge and further differentiate its offer from other Kubernetes management providers.

Red Hat will be holding an OpenShift Commons Briefing focused on the OpenShift Container Platform 3.11 on October 18th, so you can check it out as well. You can check out more over at Red Hat’s website.


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